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Enduring Powers of Attorney and Lasting Powers of Attorney

Do you know who would manage your finances or make decisions regarding your health and welfare if you were unable to do so for yourself?

Do you have a relative who needs your help because they are struggling to make those decisions?

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) superseded Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) in October 2007 enabling you to appoint one or more persons to act on your behalf should you become mentally or physically incapable of dealing with your affairs.

I can help you and your family to organise the right paperwork at the right time to let you concentrate on your future. I guide you through the whole process, taking on all the correspondence and contact on your behalf, helping to reduce the burden and the stress that often arises in these difficult situations.

The registration requirements for EPAs and LPAs are very different. I can complete application forms and correspond with the Office of the Public Guardian on your behalf or that of your appointed Attorney(s) in order to register your EPA or LPA ready for your Attorney(s) to use on your behalf.

My free half-hour consultation will help me to find out about your situation and explain how I can help. We can meet at a time and place that is convenient for you, making things as straightforward as possible. Call me on 07718 086950 or email tamsyn@tamsynwardsolicitors.co.uk to find out more or to make an appointment.

Fees available upon request.